There are times when we keep looking at a successful YouTube channel and wonder at the massive number of subscribers it holds. When it comes to large and well-known YouTube channels, they truly deserve such a huge number of subscribers. These are the channels that have spent years producing high-quality videos and building their following each day. But, at the same time, several YouTube channels are fake. They do not deserve to have such a huge following and subscribers. They have made their fame around fake YouTube subscribers. 
These days, several brands work with a YouTube channel in order to fulfill their marketing purposes. If you also want to work with such brands, then you do need genuine viewers. Even the small YouTube channels contract directly with channels having a huge number of followers. They do so in order to fulfill their influencer marketing purposes. Google never plays your ads on videos that only exist on YouTube to game the system. It put your ads on the videos watched by a real YouTube audience. 
We cannot ignore the fact that YouTube subscriber counts do matter, especially for those who have just started their channel. If you follow the right practices, it is actually not that hard to attract real followers.  
The first thing you can do is to ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel. All you need to do is to add a sentence to each of your videos. This way, you are reminding your viewers to subscribe to your channel. It may encourage some of your subscribers to view more of your videos. 
Influencer marketing is important for both the brands looking to market on YouTube and the YouTube channels. When you allow too many fake followers to subscribe to your YouTube channel, your reputation tarnishes with time. At the same time, it is not possible to investigate everyone that follows your account; some of your fake followers will always slip through the net. 
Ways in which people are gaming the system
  • People subscribe to a list of YouTube channels every day, and in return, other members of the YouTube community subscribe to their channel. 
  • There are several services available that click on the sites for you and thus help you get fake YouTube followers and subscribers.
These fake followers are never going to notice any of your influencer marketing strategies and will never click on any ads on your videos. 
So, what do you really need to do in order to spot fake YouTube subscribers? 
  • YouTube Audit Tool
A fake subscriber and audience credibility checker is one of the best ways to spot your fake YouTube subscribers. It helps you determine the credibility of any YouTube channel. This way, you can easily check whether a successful YouTube channel has built its subscribers base and following using some less ethical practices or not. The YouTube Audit tool will provide an excellent guide to the genuineness of a particular YouTube account. The tool is very useful as you can establish the audience quality score of the YouTube channel. 
  • Check your recent subscribers
You can check the list of your recent subscribers using the channel dashboard. Even in the YouTube studio, you can check your subscriber count from time to time. Those who have chosen to keep their subscription private will not be shown on your list of recent subscribers. 
YouTube is not the only platform that suffers from the problem of fake subscribers. Many other social media and video-sharing networks are also suffering from their share of fake subscribers and fake accounts. You are always going to find individuals trying to game the system, especially when there is a way of making money. 
As far as the audience of the YouTube community is concerned, they also like to view the videos from accounts of popular content creators. It is very rare for people to view and share the videos created by newcomers. When it comes to a platform like YouTube, it has a very precise algorithm that promotes some videos and ignores others. 
Having a large number of subscribers on your YouTube channel makes your account look incredibly popular. It also encourages others to subscribe to your YouTube channel. Brands focusing on influencer marketing are more likely to make a contract with channels having a large number of YouTube subscribers and following. Compared to channels with fewer subscribers, brands are willing to pay more to channels with a large number of subscribers. All of these things make too many YouTube channel owners become tempted to boost their YouTube subscribers using artificial methods.  
It's never a great idea to buy YouTube subscribers from an unreliable source. Some people might think of buying YouTube subscribers as an easy hack to success. But, you should never waste your time as well as money on fake followers.