If your mistreatment YouTube for business, you wish to grasp YouTube Analytics. whether you intend to form cash directly from your YouTube content or just use YouTube for your promoting, you wish to understand what’s Operating and what’s not.
When you dive into YouTube metrics, you’ll quickly uncover an out of this world wealth of knowledge, from audience demographics to traffic sources, right down to the keywords folks use to search out your videos.

All of this will assist you to get some innovations in your content over time, therefore you produce videos that encourage YouTubers to stay look. Let’s check up on all the YouTube metrics you wish to understand.

How to use YouTube analytics

Before you'll begin mistreatment YouTube Analytics to refine your channel strategy, you wish to work out wherever to search out the information within the 1st place. Here’s wherever to urge all the numbers you wish.

How to see analytics on YouTube

1. Log in to your YouTube account.
2. Click your profile icon within the higher right corner, then choose YouTube Studio
3. You’ll see some outline metrics right the Channel Dashboard. To travel a lot of in-depth, click move to Channel Analytics, or choose Analytics from the left-hand menu.
4. Toggle between summary, Reach, Engagement, Audience, and Revenue (if applicable) reckoning on the data you’re searching for. We’ll come in a lot of detail on all the metrics you'll notice in every tab within the next section of this post.
5. Choose Advanced Mode within the higher right corner for a lot of elaborate breakdown of your channel analytics, additionally as metrics for individual videos.
6. To transfer a report, opt for the parameters you wish to trace in Advanced Mode. Then, click the downward inform arrow within the higher right corner. Opt for Google Sheets or .csv file to get your report.

YouTube channel analytics

These metrics are all found on the summary tab. Use them to chart your overall channel performance, establish average trends, and obtain a shot of what works best.


The number of individuals who have signed to your YouTube channel (over an exact period).
Tip: Hover over the quantity to ascertain however this figure compares to your typical subscriber growth. If there’s a big modification from the typical, dig for the cause. Did you post a lot of videos than usual? Fewer? Did one video above all do significantly well or poorly?

Real-time views

The number of views your videos received within the past forty-eight hours, conferred in a very chart with calculable hourly views updated in real-time.
Tip: this is often an honest thanks to getting associate degree early impression of however recently uploaded videos perform like a shot once they launch

Top videos

A shot of your high playacting videos supported views, over a given amount.
Tip: By adjusting the timeframe to a period of time, you'll establish your incomparable best playacting videos.

Channel views

The number of views your entire channel accumulated over the chosen period of time.
Tip: If you utilize a 28-day timeframe, you’ll additionally see a figure indicating however this variety compares to the typical quantity of views your channel receives.

Channel watch time

The total quantity of your time, in hours, folks have spent look all the videos on your channel over a given amount.
Tip: like views, if you decide on a 28-day timeframe, you’ll see however this figure compares to your average watch time.

YouTube reach metrics

Learn how folks discovering your videos, on and off YouTube, and change your strategy consequently.
This doesn't embody external traffic sources like website embeds or social shares.

Impressions click-through rate (CTR)

The percentage of individuals who clicked on a fingernail on YouTube to look at your videos.
A high CTR could be a smart indication your thumbnails and keywords square measure are usually effective. But, again, this solely includes views that came from thumbnails shown on YouTube itself. It doesn't embody views or clicks from external sources.
Tip: hunt for similarities between videos that have high or low click-through rates. Over time, this may assist you to perceive what approach works best to influence your specific viewers to click.

Traffic sources


YouTube traffic sources embody search, browse options, playlists, and steered videos—all of that supercharged to varying degrees by the YouTube formula. These views represent people that were already on YouTube once they found your video.
Tip: Traffic sources will assist you to spot potential collaboration opportunities in a very few ways that. First, check up on steered Videos to ascertain that different channels driving traffic to yours. Then, use a lot of dropdown menus in Advanced Mode to envision Playback Locations. This may show you websites that square measure driving embedded views.