Video makers may monitor, enhance, and optimize their whole channel in one location, the YouTube Studio. You'll find a Channel Dashboard, Statistics, Analytics, Comments Filters, as well as other tools that will help you plan your approach inside the Studio. Here's a brief overview of how the entire Programme operates before we get into some of the important YouTube Studio features, you'll want to use:

Dashboard for channels

YouTube Studio is a dashboard that monitors the success of your channels and content. Additionally, it will keep you up to date on any trends, news, or comments that seem to be popular on the YouTube site. You may utilize this dashboard to find out which videos fared well and which did poorly as well as how your channel is doing. You can use it to research news stories or trends that will help you with your content strategy.

Analytics for channels

The YouTube Studio's Analytics page provides information on the performance of your videos and channel as a whole. Even though checking this data won't help you obtain more ideas clearly and effectively, you may use it to decide which kinds of videos are most likely to do so

YouTube Views Provider

Tools for optimizing search engines

Although YouTube may not have intentionally built video descriptions, channels About pages, or video or playlist titles with SEO in mind, it is nevertheless crucial to optimize these sections for the video search engine as well as other websites like Youtube, Google, and Bing. You enhance the likelihood that internet visitors will locate you when they look for information linked to your channel by succinctly and knowledgeably filling out your summaries.

Autoplay of featured videos or playlists

You can showcase a video or playlist on your primary YouTube channel that will entice individuals to sign up for your channels or welcome new subscribers. Now YouTube even enables you to select a different scene for visitors and customers that are new. As a result, you may produce introductory or educational content to persuade new viewers to join while also providing more in-depth information for your existing subscribers who are already comfortable with their channel's topical focus.

The "Share" button on the website

When you next shoot or produce a YouTube video, think about encouraging users to post it on their social media accounts. With the help of YouTube's built-in share feature, they can accomplish this task with ease.


Since roughly ten years ago, YouTube has let users embed links to other films or authorized websites inside of their videos. In 2017, this function, originally known as "Annotations," was upgraded for mobile use and given the moniker "Cards." Each video's Card maker can be identified in the YouTube Studio. 

Descriptions of videos include links

You’ll likely link to webpages or blog entries on your website when you write a few blogs so that can acquire several views from such a small number of people.
You may improve the viewing experience of your viewers through hand-picking content recommendations for them and optimizing your video and channel for search results by including links to your channels or related video as well as a brief outline of each title.