YouTube helps to find the majority of the essential video marketing chances, such as tutorial videos, bite-sized advertisements, teasers for the debut of new products, and behind-the-scenes glimpses into the corporate culture. WittyTube helps gain views, improves the awareness of the brand while building credibility for it. 
One must follow certain strategies to make oneself stand out on YouTube and utilize the platform if one wants to increase traffic to the YouTube channel: 
      Figuring out the audience needs:
Examine the rivals or additional video producers in the sector. This can help determine what subjects and types of videos the audience is most interested in learning about. Simply decide what information the prospective clients are seeking, and then produce films that address those demands and create attractive content: 
      Providing engaging titles:
The main motive to write attractive titles is to draw readers in without using clickbait headlines. People want compelling content, and they also want to know what the film is about right away. 
      Focussing on Thumbnails: 
Following the creation of the film, one should concentrate on the YouTube video thumbnails. It helps to efficiently spread the word about the film on a number of social media platforms. Think of the channel's YouTube thumbnail as a calling card. When a customer shares a video or searches for a certain video, it displays up on the website. 
      Promote Content on Social Media:
Keep the information interesting to keep the viewers interested. Share a "behind-the-scenes" video to attract Instagram followers to view YouTube videos.
 Let people know that a YouTube video will soon be published with some workout tips to go along with the new diet from the blog. 
      Participate in the YouTube community:
As a social network in and of itself, YouTube does represent a vibrant community where users interact with content through profiles, "likes," and comments. One can develop a closer connection with the audience by interacting with subscribers. 
      Cross-promoting own YouTube videos
Cross-promote the videos when appropriate to get the most out of the older content. As a kind of call-to-action, include links in a video's description and tell viewers to click on them. 
      Encourage fans to continue watching the show
A targeted video series with a recurring subject or topic is a clever strategy to advertise the YouTube channel. 
      Post the YouTube material on social media frequently: 
To get the social media followers to subscribe, one should advertise the YouTube channel to them frequently. Make it a point to alert the followers on social media platforms as soon as the video becomes online. For each social media platform, one can also create excerpts or previews that connect to the most recent work on YouTube 
It takes effort to increase the YouTube audience, also there is a lot of competition in the area, it could feel like a grind. 
That's precisely the reason why having a choice of advertising strategies on hand pays off. Indeed while some of the forenamed suggestions demand further work than others, they all potentially increase the number of observers who view the channel and the number of subscribers you have.