Many people are always finding ways to make the content of their YouTube channel more viewer-friendly. It is crucial to invest your YouTube watch time in the right manner. 
Over the past few years, YouTube has become one of the most powerful marketing platforms. Not just only the most powerful but also the most crowded. But, how to generate views and interactions and get visibility for your content on a platform like YouTube. 
Frankly speaking, it's not that easy to generate organic YouTube visibility and figure out the algorithm. It is because, every minute, the sheer volume of content is getting published on the platform. Nowadays, things have become quite interesting. YouTube judges the quality of a video by the number of times people watch that particular video and how long they keep watching it. We believe that it is one of the best ways to judge the quality of a video. If more people are closing a video after a few seconds of watching, it simply means that the video must not be as interesting as viewers want it to be. This whole "minutes watched metric" thing is known as the watch time. It is quite difficult to manipulate or fake the watch time. People think that they can fake or manipulate the watch time by watching a video in full, over and over again. YouTube clearly gets such kinds of tactics and thus does not increase the watch time. 
Now the question arises, why do content creators care so much about the watch time metric?
It is because the strongest signal of high-quality content is people watching deep into that content. Your audience watching the beginning of your created videos simply means that they are interested in hearing your main points. It also means that they are definitely going to remember your brand. 
Now, it would be clear to you that the YouTube watch time metric does matter and is by far the most important engagement metric. In this article, we have mentioned some ways in which you can improve your YouTube watch time. 
  • Clickable table of contents for your YouTube video:
As a content creator on YouTube, the platform lets you create clickable timestamps both in your video descriptions as well as in your comments. By clicking the timestamp, your users can watch a particular part of your video. It is one of the best tactics that help you create a decent outline of your video content. This way, you can drive people deeper into your video. In order to create a timestamp for your video, you can look out for a detailed tutorial on the internet. 
  • Sorting your YouTube videos into playlists:
If you want YouTube to understand what your video is all about, then you must sort your YouTube videos into playlists. It helps the platform understand how your videos relate to the other videos. YouTube suggests videos to its users related to topics of their interest. The platform allows them to discover new videos on the subject matter that they have watched previously. It all depends upon the watch history of the users. 
YouTube uses a variety of signals in order to determine whether it should suggest your video as an automatically generated playlist or as a part of a topic. Try to sort all the related videos into one playlist. Creating different playlists for different types of videos helps YouTube place your content into the relevant neighborhood.
If you want your subscribers to watch your videos endlessly, you must focus on sorting your YouTube videos into playlists. Creating playlists is considered perfect for increasing the watch time metric. It provides your audience with a collection of your videos. This way, they can sit back and watch your videos endlessly. By sorting your YouTube videos into playlists, you can improve the engagement rate of your content. You can also partner with other YouTube creators and ask them to add your videos to their playlists. It becomes crucial for a YouTube content creator to create playlists, especially for series and podcasts. 
  • Build anticipation via YouTube premiere:
Schedule a YouTube premiere in order to improve engagement with your video content. When it comes to YouTube marketing, these are some tactics that you must keep in mind. Schedule a premiere and promote it through your social media channels. Make sure to use seasonal hashtags while promoting the premiere online. 
It is crucial to find yourself an optimal time to publish the premiere. In order to improve the engagement, make sure to publish the premiere exactly at the peak of a seasonal trend. You should have a plan on how you'll promote the premier and keep your community engaged with it. 
Improving the watch time will surely take some time and effort of yours, but it's doable.