What are the 8 biggest benefits of using YouTube for business?

As a small business, you need to always come up with creative strategies to reach as many customers as you can without going over budget. If you frequently include YouTube in your marketing plan, it can be a profitable approach to expanding your company.

1.       Use YouTube's traffic to your advantage

Behind only Google and Facebook, YouTube is the second-largest search engine and indeed the third-most viewed website globally.100 hours of footage are posted to YouTube every 60 seconds, with 1 billion users visiting the site each month worldwide. As soon as you inform, amuse, and help them with their problems, you can meet a group of persons who will eventually become your ardent fans and clients on video-streaming websites like YouTube.

2.       You can get found on Google by marketing on YouTube

To provide consumers with the most important details possible, Google Universal Search incorporates movies, pictures, news, textbooks, and localized enquiries in its search results. You may have observed that Google's search results are featuring videos more frequently. This demonstrates that Google values video content on par with text-based websites.

3.       Never lose sight of your content

You may reuse videos you've currently generated by using YouTube for business without having to spend a lot of time or money on pricey equipment. Repurposing content you've already developed to target an audience who will enjoy that specific style of information is an excellent method of online marketing.

4.       Reach a global audience

This is just one of the many benefits of someone using YouTube for marketing. You can draw in new clients who might not have discovered your business otherwise by routinely producing media content. Even if you only speak one language, YouTube gives you access to a worldwide population. Being a native English speaker gives you an advantage since, without the ability to write or create top-notch material, it's tough to reach the massive English-speaking markets.

5.       Create a YouTube email list

Another benefit of using YouTube for business is the possibility to expand your mailing lists as long as you keep putting out valuable, intriguing content. Utilize software that allows you to directly embed your registration process into YouTube videos. A movie can be temporarily paused so that a viewer can sign up for your mailing list or enter their email account before continuing.

6.       You will be promoted and bought by your audience

Conversions can be increased by giving your films a personalized experience. Individuals purchase goods from individuals they trust, and you develop that trust by connecting with them emotionally.

7.       Using AdWords for Video to target your audience

You may advertise on videos that your audience is more likely to see and search for using Google AdWords for Video to gain laser-focused access to them. The fact that you simply pay for engaging views is by far AdWords for Video's greatest benefit. In other words, you will not be charged if your audio ad is missed.

8.       AdSense for video is a great way to make money

You have the chance to make some money straight from your films by regularly producing them thanks to Google's AdSense for Video site.

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How to Get More Views on YouTube with These 7 Features?

Video makers may monitor, enhance, and optimize their whole channel in one location, the YouTube Studio. You'll find a Channel Dashboard, Statistics, Analytics, Comments Filters, as well as other tools that will help you plan your approach inside the Studio. Here's a brief overview of how the entire Programme operates before we get into some of the important YouTube Studio features, you'll want to use:

1.       Dashboard for channels

YouTube Studio is a dashboard that monitors the success of your channels and content. Additionally, it will keep you up to date on any trends, news, or comments that seem to be popular on the YouTube site. You may utilize this dashboard to find out which videos fared well and which did poorly as well as how your channel is doing. You can use it to research news stories or trends that will help you with your content strategy.

2.       Analytics for channels

The YouTube Studio's Analytics page provides information on the performance of your videos and channel as a whole. Even though checking this data won't help you obtain more ideas clearly and effectively, you may use it to decide which kinds of videos are most likely to do so

3.       Tools for optimizing search engines

Although YouTube may not have intentionally built video descriptions, channels About pages, or video or playlist titles with SEO in mind, it is nevertheless crucial to optimize these sections for the video search engine as well as other websites like Youtube, Google, and Bing. You enhance the likelihood that internet visitors will locate you when they look for information linked to your channel by succinctly and knowledgeably filling out your summaries.

4.       Autoplay of featured videos or playlists

You can showcase a video or playlist on your primary YouTube channel that will entice individuals to sign up for your channels or welcome new subscribers. Now YouTube even enables you to select a different scene for visitors and customers that are new. As a result, you may produce introductory or educational content to persuade new viewers to join while also providing more in-depth information for your existing subscribers who are already comfortable with their channel's topical focus.

5.       The "Share" button on the website

When you next shoot or produce a YouTube video, think about encouraging users to post it on their social media accounts. With the help of YouTube's built-in share feature, they can accomplish this task with ease.

6.       Cards

Since roughly ten years ago, YouTube has let users embed links to other films or authorized websites inside of their videos. In 2017, this function, originally known as "Annotations," was upgraded for mobile use and given the moniker "Cards." Each video's Card maker can be identified in the YouTube Studio. 

7.       Descriptions of videos include links

You’ll likely link to webpages or blog entries on your website when you write a few blogs so that can acquire several views from such a small number of people.

You may improve the viewing experience of your viewers through hand-picking content recommendations for them and optimizing your video and channel for search results by including links to your channels or related video as well as a brief outline of each title.

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8 Simple Ways to Increase YouTube Views in 2022

Increase YouTube Views

You've put in the hard work of filming and editing your YouTube video, but now it's time to get people to watch it. Here are eight simple ways that can help you increase the number of views on your YouTube video in 2022.

Add watermark:

Adding a watermark to your videos is a great way to increase your YouTube views. Watermarks help to brand your videos and make them more recognizable. Watermarks are a great way to increase your YouTube views and protect your videos from being stolen. 

Create playlists:

Creating playlists is a great way to increase your YouTube views. By grouping similar videos, viewers are more likely to watch more than one video in a single sitting. This is especially effective for long-form content or series that should be watched in order.

Use a bonny thumbnail:

Make sure that your thumbnails are high-quality and attention-grabbing. This will help entice people to click on your video when they see it in their feed. Make sure the thumbnail is relevant to the video's content.

Make short video clips and share them:

If you want to increase your YouTube views, one simple way to do it is to create short clips of your videos and share them on social media. This will give people a taste of what your video is about and hopefully entice them to watch the whole thing. 

Prefer Powerful YouTube Video Titles:

The title of your YouTube video is one of the most important factors in getting people to watch it. You want to make sure that your title is clear, concise, and catches people's attention. A good title will make people want to watch your video, even if they don't know anything about the topic. 

Use popular topics:

If you want to increase your YouTube views, one of the best things you can do is to use trending topics. This will help your videos show up in search results more often, and it will also help you attract viewers who are interested in the topics you're covering.

Purchase YouTube views:

It might take a lot of time and effort to establish a YouTube channel if you are just starting one. However, purchasing YouTube views makes it much simpler to expand your channel. You are more likely to receive more views if your channel receives thousands of views. Consequently, purchasing YouTube views can increase your viewership. You can check out a few of the plans available at wittytube.com for advertising your videos.

"Go for Quantity Over Quality":

If you want to increase your YouTube views, one of the best things you can do is to focus on quantity over quality. This means posting more videos, even if they’re not all perfect

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The Real Advantages of the SMM Panel to Boost Your Company's Marketing

SMM Panel to Boost Your Company's Marketing

In this article, we'll be discussing the real advantages of SMM Panel and how it can help boost your company's marketing. You'll learn about the distinctive features of SMM Panel, how it can save you time and money, and how it can help you reach your target audience more effectively.

The following are some of the major advantages of adopting SMM panels:

It generates revenue:

Social media users can buy or sell social media services, such as likes, followers, or views, via a platform known as an SMM panel. While some people see this as a way to game the system, there are many benefits to using an SMM panel for businesses. It can help businesses boost their marketing efforts. By buying likes, followers, or views, businesses can increase their reach and engagement, which can lead to more sales. Additionally, an SMM panel can help businesses save time and money on social media marketing.

It generates natural traffic:

The blog section of an SMM panel can help to generate natural traffic to your company's website or social media page. This is because people are more likely to trust and read content that is written by an expert or authority figure than an advertisement. By writing blogs that are informative and interesting, you can attract the attention of potential customers and convert them into leads.

It improves the accessibility of your pages:

If you are looking for ways to improve the accessibility of your pages, then using an SMM panel can be a great option. This is because when you use an SMM panel, it will help to ensure that your pages are seen by more people. In addition, it can also help to improve the ranking of your pages in search engines.

It reduces marketing costs:

The SMM Panel has quickly become one of the most popular marketing tools available to companies. And it's no wonder why—SMM Panel can provide a major boost to your company's marketing efforts, and all at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing methods.

Business recognition:

The advantages of using the SMM Panel to help promote your company are many, but business/brand recognition may be one of the most important. By increasing your company's visibility online, you're also increasing the chance that potential customers will see your brand and learn about your products or services. And since SMM Panel is affordable and easy to use, there's no reason not to take advantage of this powerful marketing tool.

It offers support 24/7:

There are a lot of advantages that come with using an SMM panel for your company's marketing. It offers support to small businesses that may not have the budget to hire a full-time marketing team. With an SMM panel, you can get the same level of support and service for a fraction of the cost.


If you're looking for a way to boost your company's marketing, SMM panel may be the answer. With its many benefits, SMM panel can help you reach a wider audience, build brand awareness, and generate leads. Plus, SMM panel is a cost-effective solution that can save you time and money.

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7 Reliable and Safe Websites for Buying YouTube Views in 2022

YouTube Views in 2022

We've all been using YouTube for more than ten years at this point. It began as a simple video-sharing website but has since grown to be one of the biggest entertainment portals on the planet. Every day, YouTube is used by hundreds of millions of individuals. As a result, many users desire to gain popularity on the network. It is challenging to expand on the platform because of the high saturation and competitiveness. This explains why purchasing YouTube views, subscribers, and likes has become so common. 

We've put together a list of the top websites where you can buy YouTube views, subscribers, and likes today. These are a few of the top websites where you can purchase YouTube views, likes, and subscribers at affordable prices. Therefore, you can purchase YouTube views if you wish to enhance the number of views on your videos for promotional purposes. Even learning how to get more YouTube subscribers might be beneficial. This post is meant to be helpful, we hope. The finest places to purchase YouTube subscribers, likes, and views are listed below, so let's get started. 

These are the top 7 websites to purchase YouTube views, likes, and subscribers:


Due to the large number of people who are purchasing social media marketing services, there are numerous social media service providers today. People are more likely to support your cause when you have social proof on social media platforms. This increases exposure and attention, which will increase your vanity metrics and increase your credibility on that particular social media network. According to WittyTube, its high-quality services can help you get things going. It guarantees that by using its services, you will be able to purchase actual YouTube subscribers, views, and likes.


The website GetViral, which has been around for a while, makes the assertion that anyone may increase their authority on social networking networks. The organization offers services for a wide range of social media platforms.


When it comes to social media marketing and promotion, SocialPros asserts that they are experts. It works with social media specialists who are aware of what users require to increase their online presence.


One of the websites that you will encounter on many listings of social networking services is Viralyft. The company promises you won't regret your purchases from the website.


Viewsexpert.com asserts that it is one of the options available to customers if they are looking for the finest websites to buy YouTube likes or the greatest locations to purchase YouTube subscribers.


A firm like SocialRush.io is quite confident in the caliber of the service it offers. It asserts that the only way for its customers to obtain outstanding outcomes is by employing the services they can purchase from its website.


SocialPackages.net is adamant that the quality of its services is top-notch. You will receive first-rate services that will help you flourish in practical ways. It claims that although other websites may offer false likes to increase your numbers, this one only offers real followers and likes to its customers.

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5 Ways for Getting Subscribers On you-tube (2022)

Subscribers On you-tube

With YouTube's massive global user base of over 2 billion, video content has quickly emerged as a leader in digital marketing. Prospects now favor interesting video pitches over wordy essays, and this trend has been seen even in the marketing industry. The first step in creating your own YouTube brand is to figure out how to increase your subscriber count so you can get to the top. 

So let's explore more and discover how to increase your YouTube subscriber count with these five simple ideas!

Your videos should include a watermark:

As content travels throughout the web, watermarks provide a simple way to identify the content's owner. Additionally, as people share your videos, the watermark identifies your business and helps increase brand recognition. A watermark on YouTube provides more than just increased brand recognition. By just clicking the watermark in the bottom-right corner, viewers may quickly subscribe to your channel from within the video. Every video on the channel has a watermark, which is typically a sponsored graphic.

Create detailed content:

This advice might be counterintuitive given that shorter films usually perform considerably better on YouTube. But that's no longer the case. Long, in-depth, and detailed videos now frequently score significantly higher. But length shouldn't be your main concern. Instead, concentrate on producing in-depth videos; the length will come naturally. The amount of information you have to convey in the video and the niche your organization operates in will determine the optimum length. You can experiment with different video lengths to find which one people like the most. Just make sure that every minute of the film is enlightening, enjoyable, and simple to understand.

Use unique video thumbnails:

Thumbnails give visitors a fast glimpse of your video's subject matter and the reasons it might be of interest to them while they search YouTube. A thumbnail is an opening image for the video; since it serves as the viewers' initial impression of your video, it must be compelling. Since viewers essentially judge a book by its cover when they see that tiny image, it must be enticing and inviting enough for viewers to click on it. 

Increase the number of uploads you make:

The more content you submit, the more probable it is that the viewer will remember you. They are more likely to subscribe to your channel if they think about you. However, it's easier said than done to increase your uploading frequency. Consistency is the key to creating a lasting connection with your audience. Therefore, try publishing more frequently and sticking to a set schedule.

Invest in genuine YouTube subscribers:

In today's digital world, there is such intense competition everywhere that we have to stop and consider everything before taking any action. YouTube fits into this as well. If you're just getting started on YouTube, your channel will kickstart with zero or, let's say, one or two-digit subscribers, who are actually your friends. The better option would be to start with a high number of subscribers by paying for the first few. People always follow the queue, so it's easy to get in front of that line if you know where to put your money.

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How buying youtube views could help in online promotions?

It can take a lot of effort and time to grow your YouTube channel if you are just starting. Purchasing YouTube views, on the other hand, is a much easier way to grow your medium. You are more likely to get more views if your channel has thousands of views. As a result, purchasing YouTube views can assist you in increasing your views. That's not all; read on to learn more about how purchasing YouTube views can help with online marketing.

Expanding the Number of Subscribers to Your YouTube Channel!

After you've created your YouTube channel, your main focus will be on gaining subscribers. However, if you are new to YouTube, it may take some time to build up your subscriber base. It is simple to increase your YouTube subscribers by purchasing YouTube views. More people will discover your YouTube channel if you get more views. Increasing the number of views on your videos has the potential to make them go viral. Buying YouTube views is thus one of the quickest ways to increase the number of your Subscriptions.

Increasing your channel’s Legitimacy!

Viewers would rather watch videos that are popular among a large number of people. As a result, popular YouTube channels have an easier time gaining new subscribers. If your YouTube channel is still in its early stages, you are more likely to take your time to gain more subscribers. Purchase YouTube views to increase your credibility. You must establish your credibility as a digital marketer or content creator. Increasing your credibility can help you get so many more views.

It brings more people to your website!

More people will trust you if you have more subscribers and views. People are more likely to visit your website if they trust you. They can even share your videos to increase traffic to your website. You can buy YouTube views to increase traffic to your videos if you want to use them to promote your website. Increasing your views can result in an increase in traffic to your website. You can buy YouTube views from a reputable source. As a result, you will target individuals who are interested in your content. You'll get more targeted traffic to your website, which will boost your sales and profits.

Improving Your Channel's Ranking!

YouTube makes it simple to reach your target audience and promote your brand. Moreover, the type of interaction and the number of available views you receive can have an impact on your YouTube ranking. Because the YouTube algorithm recommends popular content to its users, this is the case. To recommend content, YouTube's algorithm considers the number of views, comments, likes, and user engagement. Your content's rankings can be improved by increasing engagement and views on your YouTube channel. Users can work on improving the ranking of your YouTube videos by purchasing YouTube views and likes. The YouTube algorithm is more likely to pick up your videos if they receive more views and likes.

Working to help your videos go on trending!

Popularity on YouTube takes time. To become popular, you must consistently upload high-quality videos and increase your video engagement. Conversely, it is simple to become popular on YouTube by purchasing YouTube views. For example, if your video requires 50,000 views to go viral, it may only receive 10,000 views. As a result, your video may not go viral. Purchasing YouTube views, on the other hand, can boost the popular appeal of your Channel on youtube. Users can buy YouTube views to increase the likelihood that people will share your videos. Buying YouTube videos can help you outperform your competitors.

It will help you earn more Cash

Do you want to make money online? Making money on YouTube is now simple. Earning money on YouTube, on the other hand, can take time. Your videos must receive more views if you want to make serious money on YouTube. Getting your current viewers to share your videos can help you get more views. Buying YouTube views, on the other hand, takes less time to get more views on YouTube. To monetize your YouTube channel, you must have at least 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers. Buying YouTube views makes it much easier to achieve these numbers. Furthermore, brands are more likely to recognize YouTube channels with a large number of followers and video views.

It will help you get more leisure time

Purchasing YouTube views can provide you with more free time. If you are not spending more time acquiring more subscribers and increasing the number of views on your videos, you can use your free time to learn other internet marketing strategies, such as social media marketing. When you buy YouTube views, you will have peace of mind. You can spend your spare time relaxing with your loved ones.

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In what ways the YouTube watch time can be invested rightly?

Many people are always finding ways to make the content of their YouTube channel more viewer-friendly. It is crucial to invest your YouTube watch time in the right manner. 

Over the past few years, YouTube has become one of the most powerful marketing platforms. Not just only the most powerful but also the most crowded. But, how to generate views and interactions and get visibility for your content on a platform like YouTube. 

Frankly speaking, it's not that easy to generate organic YouTube visibility and figure out the algorithm. It is because, every minute, the sheer volume of content is getting published on the platform. Nowadays, things have become quite interesting. YouTube judges the quality of a video by the number of times people watch that particular video and how long they keep watching it. We believe that it is one of the best ways to judge the quality of a video. If more people are closing a video after a few seconds of watching, it simply means that the video must not be as interesting as viewers want it to be. This whole "minutes watched metric" thing is known as the watch time. It is quite difficult to manipulate or fake the watch time. People think that they can fake or manipulate the watch time by watching a video in full, over and over again. YouTube clearly gets such kinds of tactics and thus does not increase the watch time. 

Now the question arises, why do content creators care so much about the watch time metric?

It is because the strongest signal of high-quality content is people watching deep into that content. Your audience watching the beginning of your created videos simply means that they are interested in hearing your main points. It also means that they are definitely going to remember your brand. 

Now, it would be clear to you that the YouTube watch time metric does matter and is by far the most important engagement metric. In this article, we have mentioned some ways in which you can improve your YouTube watch time. 

  • Clickable table of contents for your YouTube video:

As a content creator on YouTube, the platform lets you create clickable timestamps both in your video descriptions as well as in your comments. By clicking the timestamp, your users can watch a particular part of your video. It is one of the best tactics that help you create a decent outline of your video content. This way, you can drive people deeper into your video. In order to create a timestamp for your video, you can look out for a detailed tutorial on the internet. 

  • Sorting your YouTube videos into playlists:

If you want YouTube to understand what your video is all about, then you must sort your YouTube videos into playlists. It helps the platform understand how your videos relate to the other videos. YouTube suggests videos to its users related to topics of their interest. The platform allows them to discover new videos on the subject matter that they have watched previously. It all depends upon the watch history of the users. 

YouTube uses a variety of signals in order to determine whether it should suggest your video as an automatically generated playlist or as a part of a topic. Try to sort all the related videos into one playlist. Creating different playlists for different types of videos helps YouTube place your content into the relevant neighborhood.

If you want your subscribers to watch your videos endlessly, you must focus on sorting your YouTube videos into playlists. Creating playlists is considered perfect for increasing the watch time metric. It provides your audience with a collection of your videos. This way, they can sit back and watch your videos endlessly. By sorting your YouTube videos into playlists, you can improve the engagement rate of your content. You can also partner with other YouTube creators and ask them to add your videos to their playlists. It becomes crucial for a YouTube content creator to create playlists, especially for series and podcasts. 

  • Build anticipation via YouTube premiere:

Schedule a YouTube premiere in order to improve engagement with your video content. When it comes to YouTube marketing, these are some tactics that you must keep in mind. Schedule a premiere and promote it through your social media channels. Make sure to use seasonal hashtags while promoting the premiere online. 

It is crucial to find yourself an optimal time to publish the premiere. In order to improve the engagement, make sure to publish the premiere exactly at the peak of a seasonal trend. You should have a plan on how you'll promote the premier and keep your community engaged with it. 

Improving the watch time will surely take some time and effort of yours, but it's doable. 

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Use YouTube live streaming for the online meetings

Nowadays, everybody wants to expand their online reach and exposure. Well, this can be done easily with the help of live video. Here, we have come up with some benefits of live streaming on YouTube live. 

Why should you be going live on YouTube?

When it comes to going live on YouTube, it is undeniably one of the most productive ways to deliver your content and grow your online YouTube community. It helps content creators present their personal brands directly to their targeted audience without any hassle. They can also establish a deeper connection with their audience by interacting with them via YouTube live streaming. For freshers, it is quite confusing to decide whether they should go for live streaming on YouTube or lookout for some other options. It is because there are so many live streaming platforms available online. 

Everything to know about YouTube live:

The platform YouTube wasn't always as easygoing as it is today. A few years ago, it was simply a video platform focused entirely on videos on demand. Users used to upload their videos and share them on their YouTube channel. With time, things have changed a little bit. Features such as live streaming have gained popularity. The platform created a new tool named YouTube live in order to help users reach their viewers in real-time. 

Content creators for businesses and personal brands are taking advantage of the live streaming feature worldwide. Nowadays, the YouTube platform works more like a search engine. Users can simply go on the platform and search for videos related to their interests. You can also grow your online community from live streaming on YouTube live. 

Why go live: Benefits of live streaming on YouTube live

  • Monetization:

Many people compare the feature of live streaming on YouTube with Facebook live. YouTube Live is more convenient to use because of its ease of monetizing your live stream. On the other hand, the monetization system on Facebook is not as easy as on YouTube. Go live on YouTube Live, and your users will support you by using the Super Chat feature. It also helps them promote their profile on YouTube. We can say that it is a win-win situation for both the streamer and the super chat payer. 

Streamers can also enable pre-roll ads before the live video, mid-roll ads during the stream, etc 

  • Cost-effectiveness

You can join YouTube as a content creator, publish your videos, and go live on the platform for free. The best thing about going live on YouTube is that you don't need to worry about the multiple takes. It helps you create your content by saving your time as well as money. 

  • Build your brand

In order to make a purchase decision, users usually go through YouTube and thus start watching videos. If you have a personal brand or business, YouTube can help you get discovered. You can expand your audience and interact with them in the most convenient way by using YouTube live streaming. 

  • Increase the online reach

Compared to videos on demand, YouTube live streaming can help you increase your online reach much further. When you go live, your chances increase of ranking well on searches. Online social media platforms, especially YouTube, tend to favor live videos over recorded ones. Your channel can grow better, and your videos can get more views by going live on YouTube. 

  • Live streaming with mobile

In order to stream live on YouTube, you do not need a lot of equipment. A smartphone with good internet connectivity would be sufficient. Isn't this an amazing feature of going live on YouTube just with the help of your mobile phone? If you want to enhance your stream, then you need to have some mobile live streaming equipment. You can produce high-quality live streams just with the help of your mobile phone. 

  • Weakly live shows

One of the best ways to grow your audience while going live on YouTube is to create a periodical, let's say weekly, live show on the platform. It is quite easy to schedule future streams on a platform like YouTube. In addition to this, your viewers can add your upcoming events to their calendars that too with reminders. It is a great way to increase your viewership and build a relationship with your targeted audience. 

  • Collaboration with other YouTubers

One of the many benefits of going live on YouTube is that you can collaborate with other YouTube content creators. All you need to do is find YouTubers & creators and convince them to create a partnership with your brand. You will find most YouTubers and content creators are always ready to collaborate with brands. It is because this whole process of collaboration aims for mutual growth. Making collaboration on YouTube live stream events definitely boosts the popularity of both channels. 


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Decide which YouTube subscriber is real?

There are times when we keep looking at a successful YouTube channel and wonder at the massive number of subscribers it holds. When it comes to large and well-known YouTube channels, they truly deserve such a huge number of subscribers. These are the channels that have spent years producing high-quality videos and building their following each day. But, at the same time, several YouTube channels are fake. They do not deserve to have such a huge following and subscribers. They have made their fame around fake YouTube subscribers. 

These days, several brands work with a YouTube channel in order to fulfill their marketing purposes. If you also want to work with such brands, then you do need genuine viewers. Even the small YouTube channels contract directly with channels having a huge number of followers. They do so in order to fulfill their influencer marketing purposes. Google never plays your ads on videos that only exist on YouTube to game the system. It put your ads on the videos watched by a real YouTube audience. 

We cannot ignore the fact that YouTube subscriber counts do matter, especially for those who have just started their channel. If you follow the right practices, it is actually not that hard to attract real followers.  

The first thing you can do is to ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel. All you need to do is to add a sentence to each of your videos. This way, you are reminding your viewers to subscribe to your channel. It may encourage some of your subscribers to view more of your videos. 

Influencer marketing is important for both the brands looking to market on YouTube and the YouTube channels. When you allow too many fake followers to subscribe to your YouTube channel, your reputation tarnishes with time. At the same time, it is not possible to investigate everyone that follows your account; some of your fake followers will always slip through the net

Ways in which people are gaming the system

  • People subscribe to a list of YouTube channels every day, and in return, other members of the YouTube community subscribe to their channel. 
  • There are several services available that click on the sites for you and thus help you get fake YouTube followers and subscribers.

These fake followers are never going to notice any of your influencer marketing strategies and will never click on any ads on your videos. 

So, what do you really need to do in order to spot fake YouTube subscribers?


  • YouTube Audit Tool

A fake subscriber and audience credibility checker is one of the best ways to spot your fake YouTube subscribers. It helps you determine the credibility of any YouTube channel. This way, you can easily check whether a successful YouTube channel has built its subscribers base and following using some less ethical practices or not. The YouTube Audit tool will provide an excellent guide to the genuineness of a particular YouTube account. The tool is very useful as you can establish the audience quality score of the YouTube channel. 

  • Check your recent subscribers

You can check the list of your recent subscribers using the channel dashboard. Even in the YouTube studio, you can check your subscriber count from time to time. Those who have chosen to keep their subscription private will not be shown on your list of recent subscribers. 


YouTube is not the only platform that suffers from the problem of fake subscribers. Many other social media and video-sharing networks are also suffering from their share of fake subscribers and fake accounts. You are always going to find individuals trying to game the system, especially when there is a way of making money. 

As far as the audience of the YouTube community is concerned, they also like to view the videos from accounts of popular content creators. It is very rare for people to view and share the videos created by newcomers. When it comes to a platform like YouTube, it has a very precise algorithm that promotes some videos and ignores others. 

Having a large number of subscribers on your YouTube channel makes your account look incredibly popular. It also encourages others to subscribe to your YouTube channel. Brands focusing on influencer marketing are more likely to make a contract with channels having a large number of YouTube subscribers and following. Compared to channels with fewer subscribers, brands are willing to pay more to channels with a large number of subscribers. All of these things make too many YouTube channel owners become tempted to boost their YouTube subscribers using artificial methods.  

It's never a great idea to buy YouTube subscribers from an unreliable source. Some people might think of buying YouTube subscribers as an easy hack to success. But, you should never waste your time as well as money on fake followers. 



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